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The major products we boast of

Haddur white button Mushrooms Haddur Brown Mushrooms (Italian Crimini) Haddur Oyster (Dingree) Mushrooms

The Haddur White mushrooms that we commercialize are the "Agaricus Bisporus" type. With its cap fleshy that can range in size from 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5cm) across. The tender stem is 3/4-inch to 2 inches (1.9 to 5cm) long. Haddur White mushrooms have meaty texture a delicious mild, woodsy flavor that intensifies with cooking  -- perfect for your cooking needs!

White mushrooms with small caps are sometimes referred to as “button” mushrooms, while mushrooms with large caps are called “jumbo.” 



Brown or Italian Crimini also called as Baby portabellas are similar in appearance to whites, but have a light tan to rich brown cap and a firmer texture. They have a deeper, earthier flavor than whites. Their hearty, full-bodied taste makes them an excellent addition to all types of vegetables and meat dishes. The open larger relative of crimini are called Portabella. They have tan or brown caps and measure up to 6 inches in diameter. They have a deep, meat-like texture and flavor. They can be grilled, boiled or roasted and served as appetizers, entrees or side dishes. Their hearty taste and texture makes them a flavorful vegetarian alternative –grill and serve them as "burgers" on toasted buns.

The Oyster mushroom, or Pleurotus ostreatus, is a common edible mushroom. Haddur Oyster are white with a velvety texture. They have a texture much like their seafood namesake, with a mild taste and pleasant odor. They have a very delicate flavor. The Oyster mushroom may be considered a medicinal mushroom due to the fact it contains statins such as lovastatin which work to reduce cholesterol

Long cultivated in Asia, it is now cultivated around the world for food. It is related to the similarly cultivated "king oyster mushroom". Oyster mushrooms can also be used industrially for mycoremediation purposes.




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